Template:LocationThe Deep Void is the dimensionless void that exists between universes. It is similar to the void that exists between galaxies, but on a much greater scale. Nothing exists there normally, except for the Netherwyrms. Most don't venture into the Deep Void if it can be avoided. However the mysterious group known as R.I.T.E. supplanted the Laniakea Supercluster into the Deep Void as a plot to lure the Netherwyrms and capture them for their plans. Embroiled in this plot were Hero Force One who eventually used a Deus Ex Machine, built by Bill Nye, to return the cluster to its original position in the cosmos but not before Supreme Dragonlord Riaken was able to tame many Netherwyrms and press them into his service. The Void Rangers patrol the Deep Void as a means of protecting the borders of the NeSiverse from anything, including stray Netherwyrms, that may wish to break into the NeSiverse from beyond.
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