Cygnus X appeared briefly on NeS1 Page 1 as he tried to help his friend, Rob X, in his fight against the God of War, Ares. When Cygnus X does help, Ares reverses time to negate Cygnus X's help - however this creates a time loop in which Cygnus X keeps repeating the same incident which is constantly reversed. Zuljin breaks out of the loop and therefore dispels its effects on the Arena. Cygnus X would return much later with the Cult of X, led by Suzy X and later "Brittica X".



When Cygnus X first appeared on NeS Page 1, no description of his appearance was given. However he is described as having a "blue X" upon his shirt when he reappears during the Never-ending Story2 (citation needed).


No accurate personality was initially given except for his consideration for Rob X, his friend and fellow "X"[NeS1 1].

Powers & Talents

Cygnus X is able to meditate and conjure gigantic X shapes that he can force down upon someone to either strike them or bar their path[NeS1 1]. He is also capable of teleporting, though this is done in a brilliant array of flashing colours that would reveal his presence. He also uses technology and has a force-field that he uses offensively, warped to the curvature of his fist and increasing the impact of his punches. The force-field also emits mild electrical sparks that would add additional aggravation to the skin if he should strike it (citation needed).


Pre-NeS History


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Also see: The Fight of the Century of the Week

During The Fight of the Century of the Week Ares, the God of War, staged an event in his Colosseum where he pitted fighters against one another in combat. A lot of Characters arrived to join the audience members, including Cygnus X when he heard Rob X would be fighting against Ares himself. When Rob X appeared to be in danger, Cygnus X wanted to help but he believed that Ares the Writer would write his actions out of the Story. Despite his concerns, Cygnus X used his meditative powers to conjure a gigantic X shape that smacked Ares. However, as Cygnus X anticipated, Ares the Writer wrote it out of the story. Unfortunately this created a time loop in which Cygnus X would continuously try to help Rob X with the same technique, only to be written out each time - over and over. The time loop was broken by Zuljin, another audience member, who teleported out of the area and thus broke the lock.


Never-ending Story1 References

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