The Plothole

The people that exist within the Never-ending Story are also known as Characters. The Never-ending Story, and all its iterations, exist within the Story Realm. There are different kinds of Characters of the NeS and can be categorised - categories often referred to in the NeS itself by those Characters. One of the most important is the Main Character of the story, a mantle held by Gebohq Simon for the original Never-ending Story and then Losien Simon for half of the Never-ending Story2. Characters are created by the Writers. These Writers will often have an 'avatar character' that represents themselves, in at least name, within the Story itself.




Avatar Character

Writers often choose a Character somehow based upon themselves, at least in name only, and almost always as their first character. Rob X the Writer has Rob X, Gebohq the Writer has Gebohq Simon, Ares the Writer has Ares, etc[NeS1 1].

Minor Characters

Minor Characters are usually background Characters or Characters that were featured for a very short period, usually because their Writer didn't stick around. There are many examples of Minor Characters, such as Space Orca[NeS1 2].


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