Azariel is an Oracle for the Phrophetim of Ordimar, of the Ordimarian Circles. She entered the Laniakea Supercluster after a fellow Oracle, commonly known just as "Oracle", sacrificed Nick of Hero Force One and allowed Azariel and her fellow oracular of Ordimar to enter the supercluster. She became embroiled in a battle around Orbital One with various factions that came to battle, however she was tricked by the space hero and stud, Flax Hyperon. Flax seduced Azariel so that she was blinded, even from her powers as an oracle, and was captured by Hero Force One and interrogated aboard the station. First she was interrogated by Hermes Trismegistus, who placed a collar on her so that she couldn't use her powers. She revealed that she, and those outside the station, were only the 17th Circle and that a group called R.I.T.E. were responsible for the moving of the Laniakea Supercluster. She claimed that R.I.T.E. wished to prevent Ragnarok at the hands of the "archnemesis", who would later be revealed as Highemperor. She was then tied up and kept confined, with Imps watching over her while the Hero Force One team left the station. During that time Lobo Ono, a Void Ranger, came aboard and also interrogated her until Hero Force One returned and he left to meet with them.

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