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Template:CharacterAlso known as "Master Thand", Arkng Thand is one of the greatest minds of the Never-ending Story. He was once of the foremost NeScholars, however he retired from that group and would later be their demise. His motives are often a mystery to everyone, including the NeS Heroes - however he would later be revealed to be the Potential of mankind and, in some way, the Potential of Soriel. He was also the guardian of both Apple, the daughter of Losien Simon, and Amal, who would join the NeS Heroes and follow The Last True Evil. He spent much of his life in Deitopos, a hidden tower in the Dreamstate, but has recent become the President of the United States of America.



NeS 1888

"[Arkng Thand] wears blue robes and has kind grey eyes behind his spectacles. His wispy hair suggests a certain maturity, but there are few wrinkles on his face." ~ NeS 1888, Al Ciao the Writer[MT Ref 1]

He is also seen smoking a pipe, from which expels blue, possibly magic, smoke[MT Ref 1].


Arkng Thand is a wise man keen on the pursuit of knowledge, particularly towards meta-concepts of the Never-ending Story and the Story Realm[MT Ref 1].

Powers & Talents

NeS Tarot

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Arkng Thand demonstrates the ability to use NeS Tarot to predict future events, in particular he uses it to predict the Characters of the League of Heroes in NeS 1888[MT Ref 1].




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NeS 1888

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The very beginning of NeS 1888 opens with an unnamed old man, however the man was supposed to be Arkng Thand before the Never-ending Story began. He was in Deitopos, his home in the Dreamstate, and used NeS Tarot to predict the upcoming Characters for NeS 1888. He believed that NeS 1888 may be the beginning of the 'never-ending' story, unknowing that wouldn't begin until 1999. Using the tarot cards he turned each over to reveal a character from the Story. The Moderator (Erro Simon), The Guide (Mustang Aurelius Ford), The PowerPlayer (Highemperor), The Tovarish (T13TE), The Mageling (Matthias the Cold), The Innocent (Jim7), The Lost (TwistedSpasm), The Custodian (Roberto the Janitor), The Knight (Sir Lee Tan Chylde), The Monster (Galvenstein) , The Beast (TheBadger), The Immortal (Ares). These Characters would later make up the League of Heroes. He summoned Bernard the First, the ancestral pidgeon to Bernard the Pidgeon, and asked that the bird seek out and watch the Character that would be The Moderator. After chiding the pidgeon for pooping on people, the scholar relented and allowed the bird to occasionally poop on The Moderator.[MT Ref 1]

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