Algernon was once a beautiful world of prosperity and a rich history. It was founded by King Arthur and granted to his son, Mordred and his heirs. The world was, however, destroyed by a gigantic ship with a world-shattering weapon. Kiron Nightstrider, a citizen of Algernon, saw the destruction of his world in a Dreamviewer and in that dream he saw The Hopeful destroy the planet, though its captain, Clear, claims the ship was orbiting Mars at the time. Princess Aurora Briarose is the last of the planet's royal family and wields Excalibur as a symbol of her birthright. She, however, has ALS and may well be the last of her line. She, as were her parents, is a prominent member of the Rebel Alliance and many believe the planet was destroyed by The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way as retribution.


The planet sided with the rebellion against the Galactic Empire of the Milky Way despite originally being independent from both. They are obsessive over royalty and royal gossip and are excited to see exotic queens[Tales 1].


Waterfall District

Waterfall-View Restaurant

Placed with an excellent view of the waterfall district[Tales 1], the restaurant that Ameryl visited was high class and came complete with snooty, wine-serving waiters[Pan 1].

Perce Forest

The forest is thick with foliage and the air is hot. The trees are as brilliantly green as on Earth but the fruits are wild in luminescent colours. A hanging pear is coloured shining yellow while a pineapple-like fruit is glowing with a pulsing, blue radiance. Low-flying insects may buzz through the shrubbery, some as big as a human head and giant, grotesque mandibles. Sometimes, mist will rise from the very soil of the forest[Leg 1].

The Red Castle

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Within Perce Forest is The Red Castle. The outer wall was made of logs, obviously cut from the forest, while the castle itself was made of stonestone like material that was a washed out red - as though the building had red water dropped on it. It has an Earth-like architecture to it. The windows are stained glass. The top of the walls are turreted and there was even a portcullis and on either side of the main gate are two pillars of red light. They are as tall as the outer wall and were obviously made from magic, burning aether to be exact. They are watchtowers for the mage who owns the castle. There's a single path that leads to the castle doors but otherwise the area is a wilderness of shrubbery, weeds and fungus. A pond is dirty with scum but there appear to be plenty of frog-like creatures living in it, but rather than ribbit, they burp[Leg 1].


Space Camelot

Sirs Gawain, Sagramore and Percival were tasked with exploring what they named Perce Forest. After four days of travel, they found mist was rising from the very soil of the forest and they took it to be an ill omen. They heard a young woman's giggling in the air, which disturbed Gawain though Percival tried to see it as innocent. They followed the sound and discovered the Red Castle deep in the forest, with two pillars of magic at the gate that were burning aether. Percival, still looking on the bright side, suggested they could go inside to sleep in the beds, despite the possible danger the mysterious castle represented. They went inside to find that it appeared to have been abandoned, with everything covered in dust from age. While Sagramore went to the kitchen with the meat they had hunted, Gawain went to the parlour. Percival chose to go out to fetch firewood to start a fire[Leg 1].

Clear and the Hopeless

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The King and Queen of Algernon were prominent members of the Rebel Alliance and many believed that the king would be elected as the next leader of the alliance. The planet was then, however, destroyed. Nothing but an asteroid field remains. The last remaining survivor of the royal family is Princess Aurora Briarose who has Excalibur, a symbol of her birthright[CatH 1].


Britt's Commentary

"As a great deal of the first Story Arc in CatH deals with Star Wars[Ext 1] references, Algernon is an analogue for Alderaan[Ext 2], which is blown up in the original Star Wars[Ext 3] movie. Unlike the movies, Algernon remains a significant plot device in CatH long after its destruction and ties together both NeS history and CatH." - Britt the Writer


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