ALEX is a non-sentient robot that is especially designed for salvaging. ALEX stands for "automated loading engine - Xerox", Xerox being the name of the company that produced the machine. ALEX hovers above the ground and has several arms, each with a different functional tool - such as laser-cutters. He is one of the machines kept aboard The Hopeful and was one of the very first while Clear has been aboard.



ALEX hovers above the ground with a small engine sitting beneath his body and propelling him, gently, upwards. From the lower half of his frame extend many appendages, each with a different functional tool - such as laser-cutters. The word "ALEX" is printed straight onto his metallic torso[CatH Ref 1].



ALEX is a Martian-made construct and therefore uses Martian fuel, which is a milk-like substance. There are a lot of containers of this fuel aboard The Hopeful, so as long as ALEX is kept aboard the ship it will always have a steady supply of fuel to keep running[CatH Ref 1].


ALEX's primary function is salvaging and it is able to use its many limbs for a variety of purposes, including several laser-cutters that can slice through metal to break it down for easier transportation[CatH Ref 1].


Clear and the Hopeless

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ALEX was taken, aboard the Bug, to the planet Mars to help Clear, the last Salmitton, to salvage materials from the town of Tigor, a city in Yarith. This has been his primary purpose while owned by Clear. Clear, however, hadn't known what the word "ALEX" even stood for until recently - after finding the manual. When they find an old machine to break down, Clear made ALEX break apart the old hardware so that they could salvage its metal. Once back to The Hopeful, ALEX was used to unload the cargo while Clear retired with her own stash of private salvaging[CatH Ref 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The design and basic principles of ALEX were based firmly on Mister Handy[Ext Ref 1] robots from the Fallout[Ext Ref 2] series." - Britt the Writer


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